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"In that Day the Deaf will
hear the words of the scroll,
and out of gloom & darkness
the eyes of the blind will see" Isaiah 29:18

About Sarah & Her Ministry


Sarah has been deaf since birth, and has faced many trials through multiple health complications and many emotional and physical hardhsips throughout her life. She has survived many horrific moments in her life such as multiple ear surgeries caused from Paralymphatic Fistulas. They are holes that open up in the menbrane between her brain and middle ear and allows spinal fluid to leak and destroy the small bones you need to hear. Because of this she was banned from many physical activities while growing up. During one of these surgeries,at the age of 8, she momentarily died on the operating table and had a visit with Jesus. He whispered in her ear and said "I promise you will soon hear again". Sarah wasn't supernatually healed, but her trials and tribulations continued. She is a survivor of 6 automobile accidents and one of them destroyed the precious little hearing that she had left. In 1996 she was in a car hit by a drunk driver and was flat on her back for 3 months. It was also shortly after the accident the Dr told her she was not allowed to Dance anymore. This ripped her apart because dance is her heart & soul. She became so depressed that she didn't know what else to do. Shortly after, she bounced back, and discovered her gift in signing music. Her father would help her with timing and it was then she saw things in a new light. Sarah said to herself "If I can't dance with my feet, I know I can dance with my hands."

In May of 1999 Sarah was told that she would be able to get her life back, and she recieved her first cochlear implant on her right ear. After she recovered from her surgery in 99' they turned Sarah's implant on for the first time and she heard everything. Sarah's first response was," Jesus kept his promise I can hear." Sarah has never been known to give up on anything and she is a go getter who thrives on pressure, she'll do whatever it takes to get her there. Sarah was so excited to be able to hear again . Since then, she graduated from both High School and College with honors, she is a former Miss Deaf Greater Pittsburgh, Adlephia Cable Young Producer of the Year 2000, Dance Company Member for 7 yrs at NTID in Rochester NY, been published in college & school magazines and local newspapers. She has a degree in Web & Graphic design and certification in Performing Arts. She accepted Jesus in her life on Oct. 24th of 2009 and reconfirmed her faith Feb 29th of 2010. Sarah received her 2nd cochlear implant Oct 12th of 2009 shortly before she accepted Jesus into her life. Since then her life has changed.

Sarah's gift of Signing and dancing has opened up many eyes to see music in a new light. Sarah signs gospel music and she embraces the fellowship that she has with

other ministries. She shares her life story on how amazing our God is and How Faithful He is to those who seek Him. She shares her testimony on her deafness, bullying, harrassments, domestic abuse, and overcoming her years of hospitalizations. She is a force to be reckoned with and God has blessed her life with being a webmaster, photographer, dancer, sign language performer, poet, author and many other things.

Sarah has had many wonderful opportunities since she accepted Jesus into her life. She believes that God has prepared her for the front-lines in the deaf community. Her heart is just dying to reach out to them and so every year she had been asked to perform at the Annual Sign-A-Thons and has been a tradition for her to do so every year. Sarah loves the Lord and strives to make everyday her last.

Sarah has performed with Evie Tornquist, Chrisagis Brothers throughout the Ohio Valley Area, South Hills Assembly of God Choir, Bethany Baptist Church (Heavenly Hands) and performed for conferences, weddings, funerals, and concerts. Sarah has also travelled and ministered sharing her testimony on how God has impacted her life. Sarah is excited to see what God has in store for her this coming year. She is hoping to get her book finished by the end of the year "Open Wounds, Healing Scars" about her life and her struggles and how she overcame every obstcale with God at her side.