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"In that Day the Deaf will
hear the words of the scroll,
and out of gloom & darkness
the eyes of the blind will see" Isaiah 29:18


"Some times we take our senses too much for granted. It took meeting and watching Sarah Jean Clark do her signing and dance ministry to make me realize how beautifully one can communicate the word of God without saying a word. Sarah really touched the hearts of many at St. Josephs Catholic Church in Weirton when she did a beautiful interpretation of "Ava Maria".. What a blessing to watch her! She looked like an angel.."

~ Margie Zellars: Paris Presby. Church, Paris Pennsylvania
" Sarah is an Angel and a blessing from God. She's true to the words she's speaks, signs, dance, and how she's lives her life. She touches so many people with what's in her heart that God gives her. She's a fighter and a winner. I run my own fund called "Lets Fight Together"; Sarah has performed and testified at. Her talent and testimony was and will be unforgettable. If anybody gets the chance go see Sarah perform."

~Tj Anderson: Wintersville Community Chapel, Wintersville Ohio


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